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The U.S. Open’s Longest-Tenured Ball Boys

Top row (from left): Harry Villareal, Sal Chan, Jasmina Djukanovic, Danielle Minch, Jeremy Klapper, and Santiago Murillo. Bottom row: Andrew Glass, Kyra Whitelaw, Rebecca Klapper, Arthur Chen, and Alexander Chiu. Photo: Victor Llorente In 1989, when Harry Villareal was 14, he got a letter in the mail: He had been selected as a ball person for the U.S. Open. “I was like, Oh, this isn’t too hard,” he remembers thinking. “It’s just sort of, Run, get the ball.” This week, as Villareal returns to Flushing to work his 33rd consecutive Open, he knows that there’s far more to the job....

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