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Tag: Retirement Planning

Are You Too Optimistic or Too Pessimistic with Your Financial Plans?

Individuals tend to have a natural bias toward optimism or pessimism. Experts believe that this bias is about 25% genetic but heavily influenced by your upbringing, relationships, and ease of schooling and other early successes and failures. It is also determined by age. A study found that optimism generally increases throughout younger adulthood, flattens out between ages 55 and 70 and then slowly decreases again after that. (Yes, it coincides roughly with the ages when you are happiest.) Is this a glass half full? Or, a glass half empty? No matter how you got to be the way you are, it is important...

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Podcast: Renee Schaaf — Past, Present, and Future of Enterprise Retirement Plans

Episode 61 of the NewRetirement podcast is an interview with Renee Schaaf — the President of Retirement Income Solutions at the Principal Financial Group. Given that our users have about 70% of their investable assets in qualified savings accounts (e.g. 401(k)s and IRAs), representing tens of billions of dollars in savings, we thought it would be interesting to talk with an expert about how company retirement plans are evolving over time. Listen Now: Don’t miss out on future episodes: subscribe on iTunessubscribe on Stitcher And, join our private Facebook Group to...

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Retirement Boredom and Other Hardships: 14 Ways to Eliminate the Ennui

Figuring out if you can retire securely is hard. (Haven’t solved this problem yet? Don’t worry. Use the NewRetirement Planner to create a plan for cash flow, withdrawals, taxes, legacy goals, where to live, and more.) However, for some, being retired is hard too with retirement boredom topping the list of problems. Below are the top “hardships” of living in retirement according to a recent survey on the NewRetirement Facebook group and 14 tips for dealing with retirement boredom. Too Much Time with the Spouse After years of living mostly separate lives on most days,...

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Is Financial Stress the Root of the Midlife Crisis? 8 Ways to Boost Retirement Confidence in Your 40s and 50s

It’s easy to assume that financial confidence increases over time. You make more money as you get older after all. However, the opposite appears to be true. Recent research suggests that financial stress — not confidence — increases as we age, peaks in mid life and then gets better through our 60s. This financial stress may be the root of the midlife crisis. The U Curve of Financial Confidence and Happiness If you were to illustrate financial confidence across generations, you would see that the results are in the form of a U-curve. Confidence and happiness are highest at the earliest...

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Is a Tiny House the Big Solution for Your Retirement Plan?

The tiny house movement may seem like a young millennial sort of thing, but it might just be an ideal solution for your retirement. That’s what a growing number of bloggers and retirement commentators seem to be noticing. In fact, tiny house experts estimate that about 40 percent of tiny houses are inhabited by older adults. How Small is Tiny? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the typical new American home has been getting bigger and bigger. In 1973, the nationwide average house size was 1,660 square feet. In 2020, the average size has grown to 2,261 square feet. (And, Zillow says...

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What Motivates You to Retire? How Did Others Decide to Take the Leap?

Death. Illness. Prejudice. Guess what? They aren’t all entirely bad. In fact, according to a recent survey on the NewRetirement Facebook group, these are some of the strongest motivations that propel people toward retirement and living life on their own terms. Just remember, there is no right motivation for retirement. In fact, not retiring is how some people are happiest. Retirement is an entirely personal decision. As Jeff wrote, “We all have to make decisions based on our circumstances. I remember being on the high dive board as a kid, deciding to make that jump. It is a deep...

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Monte Carlo Simulations: A Sophisticated Way to Predict Your Chance of Financial Success

If you hear Monte Carlo simulation and think of luxurious casinos, the Mediterranean, high stakes poker, and extreme wealth, you aren’t necessarily wrong, but no, that is not what we are talking about here. Monte Carlo simulations actually have nothing to do with gambling. Though, like their namesake, they are related to your possible wealth. Specifically, they are a useful tool for predicting the possibility that you will enjoy a financially secure future. What is a Monte Carlo Simulation? A Monte Carlo simulation is a mathematical technique used to predict the probability of different...

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When Can I Retire? 20 Questions to Help You Find the Right Time

When can I retire? It’s a question you probably ask weekly or monthly, if not daily. The reality is that the answer to the question “when can I retire” is highly personal. And, it is not always all about how much money you have. In fact, money doesn’t always have a whole lot to do with retirement decisions. Lifestyle factors often have more influence. Here are 20 questions you should ask yourself when trying to figure out when to retire: 1. Do you like work? You might be surprised by who is working the longest. Recent research shows that finances aren’t the whole...

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Announcing a New NewRetirement Logo to Better Reflect Our Commitment to Personalized Planning

We are proud to announce the launch of a new NewRetirement logo as part of the evolution of our financial planning brand and platform. About the new logo — planning your way Overall, the new logo illustrates our mission to help you create a personalized path to the future you want.  Reflecting our ideals of enabling you to live life and plan your future your way, the logo is designed to have multiple interpretations. Find answers that are “right for you” NewRetirement is not about one “right” answer. We are all about what is right for you — your values,...

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65 Tips for a Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy Retirement!

If you want to have a good retirement, you need to figure out what that means to you. Do some life planning for retirement, set goals, and use these retirement tips to create a plan that allows you to achieve exactly what you want. What do most of us want? It is usually pretty simple, we want a happy, wealthy, and happy retirement. A happy retirement is no longer really about sitting with your feet up and watching the rest of the world whiz by. Many people now think that retirement is a time for embarking on one of life’s greatest adventures. This is the time to do what you want with...

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