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Tag: Money

Loss Of Wealth: The Cost Of Not Confronting Difficult Aging Parents

For some adult children with unpleasant, oppositional aging parents, there is a strong motivation to stay out of their affairs. But the price tag of that choice can be huge. #thevillasgesflretirement #thevillagesfl

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Mega-Pensions Claim GIPS Compliance Adds To Their Integrity And Transparency

A handful of the largest U.S. public pensions, such as CalPERS and STRS Ohio, facing increased public scrutiny claim that their compliance with voluntary standards developed for the money management industry—the Global Investment Performance Standards—enhances their integrity and transparency. #thevillasgesflretirement #thevillagesfl

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How To Enhance Your Retirement Plan With Cash Value Life Insurance

A popular retirement planning product, particularly for higher tax bracket individuals, is cash value life insurance. How do you evaluate which is the right policy to buy for your specific retirement planning needs? #thevillasgesflretirement #thevillagesfl

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6 Uses Of Life Insurance In Financial Planning

While there are more than six uses of life insurance in comprehensive financial planning, the six below are certainly the most popular, especially in light of potential changes to tax laws. #thevillasgesflretirement #thevillagesfl

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