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Tag: los angeles

‘I Saw My Best Friend, All Covered in Black, and Her Face Was Red With Blood’

After the blast in South Los Angeles on June 30. Photo: Francine Orr/Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag On the evening of June 30, the Los Angeles Police Department detonated confiscated fireworks in a vehicle designed to contain the blast. It went very wrong. The explosion flipped cars, shattered windows, and blew open walls, and the one-ton roof of the LAPD’s $1 million “total containment vessel” landed in a backyard two blocks away. At least 17 people were injured, some of whom were hospitalized, and two dozen households were displaced. At a press conference four days later,...

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Meet Ramtin Ray Nosrati, the Builder Behind Many of L.A.’s Megamansions

Photo: Damon Casarez I always say, ‘The first thing you want to hear from the buyer when he opens the door is ‘Wow,?’ ” said the luxury-housing developer Ramtin Ray Nosrati as he stood at the front door of one of his latest projects: a nearly completed 12,000-square-foot six-bedroom, nine-bathroom home in the affluent Los Angeles neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. He gestured across the living room to the retractable glass wall and the balcony, which opens onto the emerald expanse of the Pacific Ocean. “If you hear that word, wow, you know you got them.” A key part of Nosrati’s...

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