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Tag: Housing and Home Equity

Is a Tiny House the Big Solution for Your Retirement Plan?

The tiny house movement may seem like a young millennial sort of thing, but it might just be an ideal solution for your retirement. That’s what a growing number of bloggers and retirement commentators seem to be noticing. In fact, tiny house experts estimate that about 40 percent of tiny houses are inhabited by older adults. How Small is Tiny? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the typical new American home has been getting bigger and bigger. In 1973, the nationwide average house size was 1,660 square feet. In 2020, the average size has grown to 2,261 square feet. (And, Zillow says...

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Is it Time to Sell Your Home? Will it Help You Get the Retirement You Want?

The real estate market is white hot right now. In some areas of the country homes are selling for millions of dollars over the asking price. Yes, millions over. So, is it time to sell your home and cash out? How will relocating impact your retirement? Home equity and your retirement Your home is a pivotal aspect of your retirement – for lifestyle as well as financial reasons. You want to live in a locale and domicile that suits what you want to be doing in retirement and with whom. However, your home is also likely one of your most financially valuable assets. And, thinking through how to...

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Downsizing for Retirement: 15 Tips for a Happily Ever After

The decision to relocate for retirement can be an emotional roller coaster, hugely exciting and a massive financial event.  While some people buy bigger, grander or more expensive retirement homes, downsizing for retirement is often the savvy strategy — especially for those of us who have not quite saved enough for our golden years. The Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies has found that approximately 40% of retirees move after retirement. Here are 15 tips for successfully downsizing for retirement. Relocate for a profitable, comfortable and happily ever after! 1. Understand...

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The 17 Best Places to Retire in the World: Explore Unexpected Locations!

You might be surprised by some of the best places to retire in the world. A growing number of American retirees are moving to extremely far-flung locations. They find that retiring overseas can be more affordable and more fun than staying in the U.S. When evaluating life in another country, you’ll want to consider what you are leaving behind here in the United States, but also what you are gaining as an expatriate. Here are 17 of the best places to retire in the world — including some truly unexpected places. Get ready for some fun browsing! First, A Note on Coronavirus Most of...

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