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Tag: developing

Dreams, Demolished: Grand Prospect Hall Will Be Torn Down

Photo: Charles F. Kaye/Shutterstock “We make your dreams come true!” You couldn’t watch local New York television for more than 30 years without running into Michael and Alice Halkias, stiffly dressed and stiff of delivery, beckoning you into the Grand Prospect Hall, their Brooklyn wedding palace. It was a great old raddled dowager of a building, at the edge of going to seed but gilded up and given some fresh paint and turned into an accidental New York if-you-know-you-know shibboleth-landmark along the lines of Tatiana or Spa Castle. And now, like far too many relics of Slightly...

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Developers Will Finally Have to Assess Who Gets Displaced by Rezonings

Photo: Renata Tyburczy/Getty Images When the City Council approved plans to redevelop a 59-block stretch of Inwood in 2018, dozens of residents watching the vote in City Hall sprang up from their seats, shouting “Shame!” and “We will not surrender!” As is often the case with major development plans, the months leading up to the vote were dominated by concerns that rezoning would disproportionately displace longtime residents in the mostly Latinx neighborhood. Community groups called for a study of its impacts based on race, ethnicity, and income. But since this wasn’t required,...

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