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Q2 2021, Quarterly Financial Review: Make These 4 Updates to Your Plans

How are your financial plans, goals and wishes coming along?

quarterly financial review

As we enter the third quarter of 2021, it is advisable for you to review your plans. Quarterly reviews are a good financial habit that will help you achieve a wealthier and more secure future. (Learn more about the importance of a quarterly check in.)

Below you will find:

4 Key Updates to Assess Now

It is a great idea to page through all of your data in the NewRetirement Planner and make sure that what you planned to have happen, has happened. Pay particular attention to these 4 categories:

1. Spending income and debt

Review your cash flow. Are you on plan? How have things evolved coming out of the pandemic?

Wages are up. Has your income changed? Paid off a debt? Could you save or spend more now?

2. Asset values

The major indices (Nasdaq, S&P 500 and Dow 30) all ended the quarter at a high for the year. If you haven’t linked your accounts to update automatically, you will want to make sure your savings amounts and projected rates of return are current.

3. Inflation rates

Inflation was a major headline this quarter. However, it may be that the price increases are temporary. Read more about inflation risk.

And, update your general and medical inflation rates as well as your assumptions for longevity.

4. Your home

Depending on where you live, homes have seen huge appreciation this year. Assess if your home has risen in value. Update your home’s value too.

How to Assess Your Plan After Making Updates

Each time you make an update in My Plan, you will immediately see how your our of savings age, lifetime debt, cash flow, estate and tax situation has changed.

However, after you have made all of your updates, it is a good idea to review the key metrics on the dashboard and in Insights.

If you like what you see, great. If anything is not tracking as you would like, then review suggestions in Coach — to better track toward your goals.

Q2 (and Historic) Metrics to Help You Benchmark Your Plan

The following data points may be useful benchmarks to help you evaluate your current plan in the NewRetirement Planner.


In May 2021, inflation rose to 5%.

For January-May in 2021, the monthly average inflation was 2.98%.

In 2020, the average monthly inflation was 1.4%.

Over the last 20 years, average inflation is: 2.24%. .

Housing appreciation:

In the prior 12 months, the national average home appreciation rate is 9.2%.

The 20 year national average (1999-2019) is 4.6%.

Stock market gains:

As of July 2, 2021, the S&P 500 is up 15.87% for the year.

For the previous 10 year time period (2011-2020) the annualized return (nominal) was 13.9%. (The highest annual returns in that time period were 29.6% in 2013 and the lowest annual returns were -6.24 in 2018.)

Medical cost inflation:

To date in 2021, medical costs have risen .97%. In 2020, costs rose 4.41%. The average medical cost inflation rate from 2010-2020 is: 3.31%.

Social Security COLA:

Social Security adjusted 1.3% for 2021.

Interest rates:

If the economy continues to gain steam, interest rates may rise next year. Interest rates have been historically low. On July 2, the current 30 year fixed-rate mortgage interest rate was 2.848%.

Recent Enhancements to the NewRetirement Planner

At NewRetirement, we are committed to continuous improvement to the Planner. We listen to every suggestion and try hard to prioritize what is most important.

Recent improvements have included:

Plan with a Coach:

Did you know that PlannerPlus subscribers can meet with a NewRetirement Coach? Walk you through your plan to make sure your data is entered accurately and that you are on the right track. Each session is just $150 — a low price for the confidence you’ll gain.

Social Security Explorer (Free):

If you (and your spouse, if applicable) haven’t started benefits, you can use the NEW free Social Security Explorer. Easily compare how longevity and different start ages change your monthly and lifetime benefits. See work penalties and spousal benefits too.

Customizable labels:

You can now customize labels on your expenses and income — making it easier to track why things in your plan are changing.

More pension and annuity controls:

Enter start and end dates as well as COLA on your annuities and pensions for more accurate modeling.

What if scenarios:

Quickly model 6 what if scenarios. See the impact on your savings over time. This is a great way to assess the impact of easy changes to your plan.

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